What geographical areas does Scandia service?
We service all of New England.

How much is it going to cost for a kitchen design?
There is no charge. However the design will not be released until a contract has been signed and deposit received.

How long does it take to get your cabinets?
Every cabinet is built to order so it may vary depending on amount of orders in house. Please allow approximately 8-10 weeks from the time you sign a contract and final measurements have been taken.

Is there anyway you can estimate what my kitchen will cost?
Every kitchen is different. Price is affected by many variables. Because we are the manufacturer you eliminate the middleman. Our cabinets are comparable in price to most custom cabinets. We will be more expensive than stock cabinets.

Why should I choose custom rather than stock cabinets?
Unlike stock cabinets, custom cabinets are built to any specifications. This eliminates the use of fillers between boxes and maximizes usable space more efficiently. We can also provide you with custom colors, door styles and a wide variety of wood species. Every cabinet box is constructed with ¾ inch plywood and all of our cabinets come with a lifetime guarantee.

How are your cabinets constructed?
All of our cabinets are built with solid white birch ¾ inch grade A plywood interiors. All of our drawers are dovetailed maple boxes with under mount soft close slides. We use Blum hinges and slides, which come with a lifetime guarantee. We also offer a variety of construction methods including both framed inset and framed overlay, 3/8 offset, and frameless full overlay cabinets. Our frameless cabinets are 23 ½” deep plus the thickness of the door and our framed cabinets are 24” deep. **Custom width, height and depths are available upon requested**

From our first meeting how long will this process take?
Please allow 1 to 2 months for planning, designing, field measurements and finalizing of plans. The entire process from first visit to delivery is usually a 3 to 5 month process on average. If your project requires the process to be accelerated we will be happy to accommodate the timeline of your project.

What are the payment terms?
The payment schedule is as follows: a 50% deposit when you sign the contract. 40% upon delivery and 10% upon completion. If the builder or homeowner is doing the installation a 50% payment is due upon delivery.

Do you take credit cards?

What does my final price include?
Your final price will be broken down into 5 categories:

How long does the installation take?
This depends on the size of the job. Typically the cabinet installer is on the job for 3-5 days. After the base cabinets are installed, the countertop fabricator can create templates for the tops and usually they install them 1-2 weeks after the template, although this can vary depending upon the surface selected. After the installation is complete the designer will do a walk through with the customer ensuring that there is no detail left unattended.

Is hardware included in the cost of cabinetry?
Anything chosen from our standard hardware boards is included in the cost of the cabinets. We also offer a number of other choices that can vary in price. If you prefer to supply your own hardware it will need to be supplied to us before the cabinets are installed. If the installer has to install the hardware at your home there will be an additional charge for the service.

How flexible are you with cabinet sizes?
We are a custom manufacturer, we can make cabinets in any width, depth or height. This maximizes the space that you have to work with and increases the functionality of each cabinet for your personal needs.

Do you warranty the product?
Scandia Kitchens, Inc. Bellingham MA warrants to the original consumer purchaser of Scandia Cabinets, that the product will be free from defects in workmanship and material. Painted finishes have a 1 (one) YEAR limited warranty from the date of delivery to the original consumer purchaser.

If I do not see something here that I want does that mean you cannot do it?
Absolutely not. We can do anything that involves woodworking in your home and we are happy to work with you and your ideas.

How do I care for my cabinets?
We include a bottle of our polish with every kitchen. This helps preserve and clean the cabinetry and should be applied a few times a year. Other than our polish use water and a mild soap only if needed. The cost for additional bottles is $8.00 each (including sales tax) plus $9.00 shipping & handling. Please send us a check with your name and address and we will ship your polish out shortly. If you are getting more than one bottle please call for shipping pricing.

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